Dubai Link Travel & Tours

As a leading DMC, Dubai Link Travel & Tours is a benchmark in the travel industry, serving the market through quality services, rich inventory, competitive rates and total reliability, aiming to win the trust of highly-ambitious clientele and thousands of medium to large travel agencies around the world.



3.Holiday packages

4.Event organization

5.Airborne luxury

6.Ground handling services

7.Airline ticketing

Our services

Our services exceed the ordinary, covering every aspect of the traveler’s journey from start till end.


Dubai Link offers top-grade offline group booking services and follow-ups, giving every client an unparalleled travel solution, whether they are looking for a luxurious stay or a limited-budget hotel.


For those who enjoy traveling with family and friends, Dubai Link brings a whole new world of exciting tour packages to cover any destination customers desire. Whether it is roaming the city to admire the landmarks, shopping for the best bargains, visiting places of interest, or going on a nature trail escape, we have it all ready no matter the time, the place, or the aim.

Holiday Packages

Dubai Link has mastered the complex art of vacation planning, down to the nest detail. If your clients or guests desire to explore a forgotten era in an ancient kingdom, venture out on an African safari, or laze on an exotic island in the middle of nowhere, you can be sure that we can get them there and back, loaded with memories to be cherished, with customized time frames, budgets, and group size.

Event organization

Dubai Link provides complete assistance for large corporate requirements or large community events, starting from strategy planning, to logistics support for events and programs. Our team is ready to help you select the best venue, schedule your events, organize the transportation, accommodate the delegates, and support the staff and on-site logistics. No matter the complexity and the size of the hosting, Dubai Link has the width and depth of expertise and experience to make any event a complete success. Whether it is a local training event, high-end exhibition, product launching, or cost-effective incentive tour for the staff, stay assured that we will get to the tiniest detail with the utmost care.

Airborne luxury 02 (private jet charter)

Dubai Link provides worldwide superlative private jet charter arrangements. Customers can choose from a wide range of turboprops, helicopters, light jets and sophisticated business jets, apart from dedicated midsize jets and larger long-range charters. Each facility is perfectly delivered to individuals with nothing but an exceptional level of service, ultimate dedication and a topmost knowledge with total discretion.

Ground handling services

From the enthusiastic welcomes at touchdown to the wistful farewells at take-off , we make sure that your clients’ stay in any destination is an enchanting, fulfilling and completely satisfying experience. We provide complete visa issuance assistance, meet-and-assist services to most airports worldwide, limousine transfers, easy check-in to hotels, chauffeur-driven transport and much more.

Airline ticketing

Dubai Link offers its thoroughly professional and highly-reliable ticketing services for worldwide destinations, by partnering with an enviable list of trusted airline partners.

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